Australian Animal Soft Toys

Come look inside our Australian animal toy collection. We’ve got cute kangaroos, koalas, wombats, platypus even sea turtles which have the biggest eyes ever and come in so many deliciously bright colours!

We’ve been selling Australian toys for a long time now and we’ve got a fair idea of the top toys that make for great gifts, souvenirs and hugs! Kangaroos and koalas of course and then our sea turtles and other sea life soft toys, which you won’t find in too many places online or in-store.

We’re proud to sell the best of the best when it comes to Australian toys. Some of our soft toys are made here and some are made overseas.

If you’re on the lookout especially for Australian made, we’ll always tell you plus you’ll see the tag attached to the soft toy in the photos. Regardless of where they’re made, we always go for the best quality Australian toys.

Our toys are a good gift option if you’re looking for something on the lighter side to send overseas (we’ve got family living in Ireland and England and know how quickly postage can add up). Or give as an Australian animal souvenir for someone heading home.

For those homesick expats (you’re never too old for a soft toy) or kids born or living overseas with parents who have strong links to Australia there’s nothing more that says this is Australia, than a koala or kangaroo toy; I’m sure we can all agree! As a lightweight gift, an Australian animal toy is perfect.

Soft toys are such an essential part of being a kid. My 8-year-old daughter loves her sea turtle toys in particular. She’s been collecting them since she was 3 and I think because they’re from ‘Poppy’s shop’ and from Poppy, then they’ve also come to mean all the more to her. I can also say, their huge eyes and bright colours have also had something to do with captivating her imagination!

She makes up these amazing stories when she plays with her turtle family. They’re not toys any more, they’ve become individuals with personalities who get up to all sorts of mischief and have loads of fun!

How do I to care for soft toys? Can I wash them; can I dry clean them etc?

These are common questions, especially when you’ve got kids. Writing from experience, I know how dirty toys can get when the ‘favourite’ has to come everywhere. This means the special toy gets to share food, baths, sandpits and everything else in your kid’s life! 

Most toys are machine washable but if in doubt i.e. there’s no washing instruction label, then mostly it’s ok to hand wash. Here’s a great blog for the best way to clean your soft toys.