Men's Bamboo Clothing

Why buy men’s bamboo clothing? Is it any good?

Our men’s range of bamboo shirts, shorts, beach pants  and even undies features up to the minute designs, great colours and prints, especially the Aboriginal dreaming collection.

Casual for the day, a smarter look for the evening or even while travelling or for a wedding, our range is designed to fit and look great. Our sizes go up to 5XL or 7XL depending on the design. 

There’s something magical about bamboo clothing. 

It’s soft to touch. It’s very comfy to wear. 

In hot weather, bamboo clothing has a knack of keeping you cool. In cooler weather, bamboo does the opposite; it keeps you warmer. 

The benefits of wearing bamboo though really ramp up in summer. The fibre absorbs moisture incredibly fast so in the heat, your bamboo clothes won’t stick to you. Instead they’ll keep you drier and so much more comfortable. 

For those with sensitive skin, bamboo is kinder and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction because it’s hypoallergenic.

Bamboo is also antibacterial. So not only does it keep you drier in hot weather, the fabric doesn’t retain stinky smells. This means you can cut down on washing (yay) but even if you do prefer to wash your clothes more regularly, you’ll find your bamboo will very likely outlive everything else in your wardrobe. Why? It’s because it’s super strong! Also, those antibacterial properties will keep on doing their job, wash after wash. And your bamboo clothing will also retain its colours and shape. Think of all the wears you could get out of one garment.

It’s also quick drying and for those who hate ironing, the good news is bamboo doesn’t wrinkle as much as cotton and even less so if you remember to dry it on a hanger. But if you forget this bit, then the wrinkles can be  ironed out at a lower heat setting.  

So if you’re on the move, travelling or spending a lazy weekend at home or going out and everything in between, then bamboo is an excellent choice. You’ll look and feel great, so what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to update your wardrobe with bamboo clothing.