Stubby Coolers| Stubby Holders

Nothing says an Australian summer more than holding one of our stubby holders. They really are the best way to keep your stubby or can chilly cold instead of it warming up in the heat of the day.

It’s a pretty cool invention; working the same way as a wetsuit does. In fact, a stubby holder is made of the same stuff, nanoprene and works the same way but in reverse. Wearing the wet suit will keep you warm! When it's wrapped around your drink, it will stay cold!  

Around the world, the humble stubby cooler goes by different names.  Our Aussie one gets its name of course from glass beer bottles better known as stubbies. But then its also called a stubby cooler. 

If you were in the US though, you’d be asking for a koozie. Weirdly enough, the pronunciation of koozie changes depending on where you live in the states. You might call it a cozy! 

In fact there’s a list on Wikipedia of all the different names what we call here in Australia a stubby holder or cooler.

So how did the humble stubby cooler come to be? Well that’s kinda the stuff of folklore because it starts with a tea cozy. Yup, the knitted thing that a long dead relative hailing from Britain may have used to keep their precious teapot hot, hot, hot! But the tea cosy worked the reverse way and worked hard to keep the heat in.

Then the stubby holder or cooler made an appearance in 70s Australian surfer culture but it wasn't really called anything. Then in the mid 80s, the koozie arrived from the US on Australian shores and renamed the stubby holder / stubby cooler. 

We know from selling stubby holders in our retail store, people love to collect them! Check out our range now, you might find your new favourite one!